Plant Robots

Last updated: 10/12/2019


Plant Robots is about learning how to integrate information from multiple MCU college classes (Photons, Raspberry Pi's, PIC24's, etc) into a functioning robot platform for taking care of plants. So far, our breadboard prototypes have left us wanting more, so we're moving into the soldering prototype stage. Our members have struggled with the I2C communication protocol, so that's this semester's goal: getting I2C working with various components and between robots (because we live in a society, why shouldn't the robots?) Our goal is real world production hardware integration, NOT maker hardware. This is more commonly known as DME (Durable Medical Equipment) in the medical field. Having the experience at this level of integration is the value of the project. The robot part is just makes the whole experience fun. Students receive a significant amount of PLA per semester for printing the “body” of the robot. Each student is expected to at least try to make their own body (we help get you going).

General Focus Areas

Soldering → Test circuits using perfboards (ref: ) Programming → C++, PIC24 (some C and ASM) EE1301 ( ref: ) EE2315 (PIC24 ref: ) Scripting → Python on a Raspberry Pi Some I2C testing requires a more complex environment HTML5 → A combination of HTML, PHP, and Javascript (FYI: not Java) EE1301 Photon is web-enabled Rules Engine → IBM's Node RED on a Raspberry Pi More complex iterations in the future may require a rules engine


This project is currently on hiatus or has been archived. For more information about this project, talk to any officer or contact us at